Guerrilla Crump

+ Spent RM176 at Borders on yesterday. The damage got me 2 Ex Machina trade paperbacks, kinda new DL: The Lost Chronicles II and something I never thought I’d find (at least not in Borders), Ryu Murakami’s Audition. 20% off too. I liked his psycho-thriller In the Miso Soup but found Almost Tranparent Blue a bit too trippy for my taste. Here’s hoping Audition leans towards his later stuff.

+ I msged Melina today who’s in  Macau playing in some god forsaken joint. She’ll be gone till July and I only got a text from her the day after she left. Its been a week so I dropped her another one:

Me: r u ok?
Mel: Hey, ya i’m fine. Just been really busy. I think I’ll only have time to think in a week’s time.
Me: Ok. Don’t let them make you wear a skirt ok. Come back quick.
Mel: Ha ha! Don’t worry. I’ll only wear a skirt in my coffin.

Charming as ever Mel :-p

+ Saw a tweet on Sunday from a friend: “Usual post-drinking checks all around to see if i did anything stupid,” Hmm its kinda surreal thinking about stuff like that when you’ve been sober pretty much your whole life. I think I’d be a terrible drunk. Like post-drinking checks x 100.

+ In our age old sibling rivalry me and my brother weighed ourselves to see who was fatter:

Me: Ei faster la
My bro: Wait la *takes stuff out of pockets*
Me: Dude! Taking out your student card and a few receipts is NOT going to make a difference!
My bro: Whaaaattt. Chill la

+ I was really hoping for some hip hop last Saturday but instead got a roti cheese.

+ Found out Faz lives in prime PJ area when I went over to her place on Sunday for practise. She lives somewhere in Section 12 and that has like The Peej written all over it. Stopped over my grandma’s place near by for a very rare surprise visit and discussed Twitter with my uncle and how some people take paintballing too seriously with my cousin, who btw would have totally won the contest in the previous point by the looks of it. Yes yes I know that sounds mean but its ok he can take it. Tok probably sensed my thoughts as she gave me a tub of cookies as a parting gift.

+ Line of the day has to be from famous Freeformer Warren Chan: Can you get those bgirls we saw last Sat for *********** in June? I want to get them to guerilla crump,” Never thought I’d hear the term guerrilla crump from Warren. I guess you gotta have to know Warren a bit to get this. Cracks me up though.

+ I am off to SS2 to have fried mantis prawns a salad.