Monica oh Monica

Once in awhile it’s good to just stop what you’re doing and be thankful for the little (or big) things in life. Here’s my top 5 today:

1. Thank you god for the toilet
Really, can you imagine life without our favourite porcelain idol? Like a best friend you can count on, it’s always there (well almost always) when you need it most and ever willing to take your crap. Quite literally in fact. You rock my world jamban!

2. Thank you god for the internet

Ok as geeky as that sounds you gotta admit most ppl these days spend at least half their lives on this thing. E-mails, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, funny vidoes, porn, you name it. The world wide web has been there for mankind and is pretty much here to stay. Hopefully it doesn’t go all terminator on us one day. Its quite sad really. If war comes one day sure everybody mati coz semua tak cukup exercise. Oh well.

3. Thank you god for my MacBook
You have been a mainstay in my life for the pass few months and I promise to treat you better than the last few Macs entrusted to me (I have a really bad habit of losing stuff hence my little known nickname ‘The Black Hole’).

4. Thank you god for my health
I rarely get sick (altho when I do alert the national guard) and I’m hoping this goes on for awhile. A long while. Having said this. I really should go for a check up soon. God knows what kinda nasty surprises I’ve got in stealth mode :-s Whatever it is I’ve been ok so far and thankful that I’ve been allowed to frustrate and ridicule my loves ones (and people in general) on a daily basis. Below’s an angiogram of a healthy heart I found here.

5. Thank you god for Monica Belluci
Do I really need to justify this? 


The baby below better be thankful when he/she grows up. God.