For Her

Can I see you tonight
Would it be alright to see you tonight

Lately I’ve been thinking about you
I hope that you feel the same
I’ve been wondering what I’d do without you

Baby shine me a smile
Smile all my worries away
I love the way you sweeten my day

And I come back to late
Feel tired what do I do
Do I call it a day
Do I lay my head back I’m through
Is this the end

I don’t think so
I need to hear your sweet voice
I really want to
Be at peace inside the noise

Darling I’m aching inside
Feels like there’s a void in your place
It’s been too long since you were away

I need to rub the sleep from my eyes
I need to reinforce my role
There’s a lady who needs love from my soul

And I need you right now
And I miss you desperately
Can I see you tonight
I’ll be quiet no one would see
Oh would you say no

Oh baby please don’t
Can’t you see that I’m in love
Won’t you let me feel love
Oh won’t you let the feeling flow

Comment from cjay - 18/01/2011 at 11:10 am

salam hi reza……saya cj thanx sebab first cj dengar lagu ni kat mhi tapi 3 4 baris jer…..g keje terus dengar liric memg terbaek…..cj dapat rase aper yang reze rase cume bezanyer……cj…..tett…..wakakakaka………..aper2 pung reza selamat menjadi artis melaysia yang berjaya dari segala aspek…..daaa……take care wasalam…..

Comment from admin - 09/02/2011 at 1:23 am

hi! takpe kat sini boleh dengar sampai bosan :-p