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Five Things

1. Aida
My sister who is also now my unofficial lord justice of unhealthy food consumption
Me: *spots fav ikea cookies* Oooooooooooh!
My sis: Oi. Can you please reflect on yourself for a second
Me: *hand frozen over cookies* Uhhh….
My sis: *starts talking to me about my health and weight etc as we walk away*

2. 20,870
The number of fans on Yuna’s Facebook fan page. If you haven’t heard of Yuna then you’re sorely missing out. God knows the girl from Kuantan deserves all the support she can get. Check her out here or here.

3. Do As Infinity
Many years ago on a college road trip to PD I spied fellow council (I was on the student council believe it or not) mate Danny checking the collection of CDs he brought:

Me: Whatchu got?
Danny: Well, a lot of chinese music to be honest. Hmm. Have you heard of DAI?
Me: Die?
Danny: No DAI. Do As Infinity.
Me: Nope. Chinese?
Danny: Japanese. J-Pop actually. They’re pretty good.

And that was the first time I heard of this band. Yea I know what you’re thinking (J-Pop? sure or nottt) but these guys are great. Actually what really got me was lead singer Tomiko Van’s vocals. I love her voice. Add to that good arrangement-driven tracks with intelligent pop sensibilities and wala – DAI. Check out the vid below for a quickfix preview of their stuff. Funnily enough my brother now is a huge fan and I think pretty much all of their albums. They also broke up but got back together at the end of last year. Yeah!

4. Mighty Muggs
A line of vinyl/plastic super-deformed collectible figures filled with chibi goodness. Made by Hasbro, it started with the Star Wars line but has now moved to TF (they’ve also got the X-Men, GI Joe, even frickin Indiana Jones). Apa lagi beli la. Meet Bumblebee:

5. Grace Park
She stars as Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii in Battlestar Galactica. I’ve never really seen the series proper but the few episodes I have checked out had her in it and she is, well, nice to look at. 

On a side note, Ojie, lead singer and nambar 1 dude for local band Stonebay got married last Sunday. Congrats dude. Semoga anda bahagia selalu.

Posted: April 9th, 2009
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